The Interview

As some have already mentioned I was part of a interview for KTV1 that should be shown sometime in April. I apologize for not telling people about it before hand since I didn’t want to jinx it and decided to keep it under wraps until the show was taped.

The interview can be easily summed up as intro to Kuwait Blogging and the blogging scene in general. We were mostly asked one by one on blogging, ask how we started, disease what we wrote and then it dove more into the political/social aspect of it in Kuwait and the world.

The show took over an hour to tape, abortion but it will be cut down to around an hour. So we will see what happens with the editing and everything.

It really didn’t give us a chance to get going and really discuss a lot of the stuff that we could have. That was occurred later during dinner. We had a really lively discussion then about everything it was a great experience having such wonderful, inspirational people around talking openly about what they see in the world in terms of problems and solutions.

I really wanted to have the cameras around for that talk for I am sure it would inspire a lot of people. (Could be a good idea for a show, “Dinner Talk” having people talk during a meal).

So what to expect from this? Well nothing much really in terms of a huge jump or rise in the blogging scene in the short term. It will be a great catalyst for long term things in the future. Just like any blog’s first post. It usually is never read and missed, but the later ones are read by more and more people.

4 thoughts on “The Interview”

  1. tsk, tsk….. what people would do to get in Global voice……!!!

    and dude you just stole my “FoodCast” idea that I’m working on……!!! guess I have to invite you to join me on the first podcast, will be waiting for you…..!!!

    and I agree that change will be seen on the longer term…..!!!
    it needs time to ripe…..!!!

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