Back from the Run

Just got back from GulfRun. For my random updates and info on what happened and what I did you can check it out on my

I am sure Zdistrict and Mark will be writing up more posts with pictures soon. I know that Z has 8 posts he plans to write.

Oh and Mark doesn’t like to share his toothpaste or toothbrush. He kept hiding them in a different spot every night so that I wouldn’t use them. That rat bastard!

1306.7 KM Later

Off to Bahrain for the weekend.

Off to Bahrain for the weekend.

Off to Bahrain for the weekend.

The cars ready for fueling

Came back to Kuwait around 20:30 last night. Really quick drive on the way back from bridge to border took us 2 and a half hours then it was a 40 minute ride to Kuwait City. I am still reeling from the trip, viagra
my brain was just broken today. Going to work I missed 4 exits. The traffic and turns just got to me. I was so used to just driving straight on without any cars around for so long it took me a while to adjust to Kuwait traffic.

The The Gulf Run was a great success. There were some little problems, but everyone came thru to help each other and work it out.